I don’t know if I can consider myself involve in a fandom. Yes I do things that other fans are doing, searching, buying album, spazzing about my favorite group, watching concerts and buying stuffs as support for them but I haven’t officially joined the fans club. Sometimes I consider myself one of them but then I will realize that Oh I’m too far away from them until I see myself searching on the net to be one of them.

It’s hard to join in a fandom. You need to adjust with each other because you are people with same interest but different values and culture. You need to respect each other opinion to avoid fan wars. I am not only a fan but I am also a shipper and this is were sometimes the conflicts happen. Shipping your idols with the one you like and others don’t like. Because of too much excitement that you see your idoL with the one you  like for them sometimes start the fan wars because sometimes the one like other’s don’t like so it is very important for fans like me to thinks other first and respect their opinions. Shipping idols on the right place without bashing others.

By reading forum threads and comments I just realize how powerful and hurtful words of a fan can be specially shippers..

They have the power to dig everything that was hidden.While others are seeing it in a positive way some are putting it in a negative way.I wish someday this behavior of fans will be gone.

I pity the idols who are haunted by their fans who can’t go on with their personal life, who can’t show to the world who they really are and what they really want…..

I learned a lot from other fans that sometimes I ask myself why did I do that, why did I post that.
Now I’m being careful on shipping because I don’t want to hurt other fans. I don’t want conflict with other shippers.
I don’t want to live this fandom because I love to see news from my favorite idols and it’s my way of supporting them.

Conflicts can be resolve if we are open minded 🙂


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