Last week I just finished watching Pinocchio and this drama was really amazing, it moved my emotions so much that now I don’t know what drama should I watch next that will not make me feel disappointed.Now I will write a simple review for this KDRAMA one of the best drama I ever watched.

I will share this scene one of the most romantic kissing scene in Korean Drama history. In Ha and Dalpo’s Winter Kiss….


After that romantic kissing scene what trigger my emotions most in this drama was Dalpo and his brother tragic story. We do things we are not supposed to be doing out of revenge and then we will realize that its too late to have regrets and we cannot bring them back anymore. I really cried a lot in this episode.


Because of all the conflicts that is happening, this is not just a romantic drama with all the kilig moments sometimes we need to cry to feel the story. After that romantic winter kiss comes the most painful kissing scene I ever watched in my Korean Drama history.


Every story has an ending and now my journey of watching Pinocchio has come to an end. It took me a week to finish this drama because of trying to replay the scenes again and again and capturing every beautiful and sad moments.

I really want to congratulate the writer of this drama for making another unforgettable scenes.Im really surprised to know that the writer of my favorite dramas “Dream High”,”I Hear Your Voice” and “Pinocchio’ is the same person “Park Hye Run”….

After watching Dream High I really want to be learn KPOP IdoLs and then came I Hear Your Voice my sudden interest to become a prosecutor and now after watching Pinocchio it seems that being a Reporter is really an amazing job delivering the truth and receiving the grudges from people..

I wish this writer will never get tired doing this kind of story line, not just a simple romantic comedy but a story that will make the viewers think,dream and feel loved ❤ ❤ ❤


I think Pinocchio is one of the Korean Drama that has the best ending where we will not be disappointed. After watching this I think I had the Lee Jongsuk syndrome that I want to always be the leading man of all dramas.. Bonus Jongsuk cuteness ❤




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