The One that Got Away

There was a time in my life where I love a man but I never knew it until he was already not mine. I was a student, busy with my studies because I don’t want to disappoint my family who is supporting me with my studies that time I really don’t want to have a relationship so I tried the text-relationship with my so long fb friend..I tried having a relationship with him even though I know that I’m just a rebound.

I feel safe that time cause I know that I don’t have any feelings for him. I can’t say anything about the guy he was so kind, sweet and very thoughtful but he was unfortunate that he’s very father met an accident reason for him to stop with his studies, it’s was actually one of the reason why I really don’t don’t want to get serious with him that time knowing that he’s out of school and my family especially my mom won’t accept him nicely. I don’t him to experience a you and me against the world love story again just like his past relationship. He always call me but I always ignore him and never give back the same affection he gave to me.

Time comes that he want us to meet, I thought I can finally meet him but I have something to finished that time with my studies that I was not able to meet him. After a month I not busy anymore but he was the one busy,that time I acted childish am impulsive I dare him to break with me since he’s always busy but too bad he don’t fight with me anymore and just accept the break-up..

It’s been 4 years already he wants us to stay friends but I can’t just accept that cause I am very much in love with him until now. So he decided to stay away from me. Letting him go is my biggest regret in life.He’s my only one that got away!!!


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