Descendants of the Sun

Why should I love watching descendants of the sun?

First because it was Song Joongki’s comeback drama.. I really love Song Joongki after I saw him portray the role of the genius Yongha in Sungkyunkwan and Kang Maru in Innocent Man. He was that type of guy that when you see him he will bring all the positive in you, I think he hase so much kindness in him.

Second because it was created by popular writer of the The Heirs and Secret garden, though I’m not a fan of Secret Garden, I love The Heirs so much, and seeing how DOTS was was being played right now, I think it was created by a person with a lot of unique ideas in mind.

Third because it was not just a typical drama where the boy is rich, the girl is poor or mother do not like the girl for her son, or the love triangle affair. It was fun watching this drama because while enjoying the scene you were learning so many things how hard it is to be a soldier and doctor. It was a very patriotic drama because Joongki portray the role of a good soldier very well, that I suddenly remember the MAMASAPANO event in PH in this drama were soldiers were killed. It was the only drama with a doctor that I watched since I can’t stand watching them in operating room with bloods in their hands, but I get to watch this because the scenes were very real, you won’t think that you were just watching a drama you also feel the emotions of the doctor and the patient that you were also praying that they can be save.

Fourth is there’s no love triangle and the scenes between the two couples where divided equally. I did not watch Secret Garden because Oscar has a lot of stories to tell about his past that makes him look like he’s the main lead, but in DOTS all of the scenes of the two couples were divided equally. The sequence of the event were executed perfectly. There are not too much stories to tell it was just very straight forward.

Descendants of the Sun is a drama for all.. Whether you are a man or woman, father or mother. It is for all because you can learn something bonus points were the cast 🙂

Salute to all the cast and production for giving us viewers a very great drama we can’t forget. Kdramas never fail to give us unique stories.


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