Songsong Couple

Hi, I’m back!

It’s so funny that my last post was about Descendants of the Sun and now my comeback post was about the two lead actors which happen to be a happy couple now. While watching Descendants of the Sun I really love the chemistry between the two actors which led me in shipping them. As I fan I always watch their behind the scenes and hope that they will date someday. After the show ended and a lot of K-drama appeared I suddenly ignore all the rumors about these two and now the news of them getting married already shock me. How can I move on when you’re not prepared that something like this will happen. It feels like I watched a 16episodes of K-drama and now it’s the ending and I don’t know what to watch next.

I know a lot of K-drama fans are rejoicing because of this news. Well as a fan I can only send them best wishes and I hope they will live happily ever after. I guess I have to find another oppa again since Big Boss is already taken.



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