You cannot know me by simple looking at me because everybody’s first impression about me is I’m “masungit” and snob but when you start talking to me I’m easy and fun to be with I just don’t talk to strangers. ”
My name is Jennifer E. Dagumampan. Im 23 years old,graduated in FEU with a degree of Information Technology. I was born in sunny day of December 13, 1991. I have three brothers that are very supportive and lovable. I am the youngest and only girl in the family but it doesn’t mean that I am a spoiled brat.
What I love Doing??
I love joining cheer dance competition, interpretative dance, folk dance and also aerobic dancing. As of now I am very active in supporting my favorite KPOP band CNBLUE. I always find time to watch their music video and attend their concert whenever they are in Manila. I am also an avid reader of wattpad stories. I love reading romantic and teen fiction stories.


Perceptions in Life
Life to me means family and friends that I have to treasure in every single day. My family and friends are my strength, they are my source of energy whenever I feel bad. I am person who other wants to lean on because I will never leave them alone. I am a very straight forward person I will always say what is on my mind without thinking that I might hurt someone. But even though I am like this my friends like me because they know that I am a true person. I love giving advice to others but when it comes to me I don’t want sharing my problems with other people, I want to solve it on my own. I don’t want other people see me crying because of something or someone, I don’t want to look weak with other people.


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